In Office Sinus Dilation Article by Stacy Silvers, MD

Otolaryngology specialist Dr. Stacy Silvers from Madison ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery in New York, New York wrote the following article about in office sinus dilation. For questions about sinus dilation, contact Dr. Silvers at her office on Madison Avenue in NYC by calling (212) 213-3339. Doctor Silvers specializes in Balloon Sinuplasty which is a form of sinus dilation used to treat chronic sinusitis.


Balloon dilation instruments allow surgeons to restore sinus drainage pathways in properly selected patients with chronic rhinosinusitis using minimally invasive methods. For patients who are unable or reluctant to under surgery in an operating room, balloon dilation in the physician’s office offers another option.

Patient benefits of office-based treatment include no fasting period, convenient scheduling, avoidance of general anesthesia, rapid return to normal activities, and potentially lower out-of-pocket costs.

For physicians and staff, office-based treatment offers the opportunity to provide safe, effective, and efficient care while improving patient comfort and convenience. The objective of this article is to provide current, practical information to surgeons who are beginning or enhancing their use of office-based trans-nasal balloon sinus dilation.

2014 Practical Techniques In-Office Based Balloon Sinus Dilation