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Your nose doesn’t just allow you to smell, it also enhances taste. Having a disruption in the normal function of your nose and sinuses can become annoying and impact everyday life. Dr. Stacey Silvers is a board-certified otolaryngologist in Manhattan, New York City. Dr. Silvers specializes in treating sinus conditions and was named a Top Doctor in New York in 2019. Learn about the services provided by Madison ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery and schedule your appointment today. Give us a call at (212) 213-3339 or request an appointment online.

Treatment for Allergies

Allergies can be caused by a wide number of factors and result in itching, sneezing, and/or swelling.

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Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis is inflammation or infection of the lining of the sinus cavities and may require surgery.

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Deviated Septum

This condition is a  misalignment of the bone between each nasal cavity and can cause breathing difficulty.

Deviated Septum Treatment

VivAer Procedure

If you regularly experience difficulty breathing through your nose and nothing seems to help, you may have nasal obstruction. Until now, finding a long-term solution often meant surgery. Now, you might find lasting relief without surgery (or incisions) via the VivAer® procedure to open your nasal airway.

VivAer for Nasal Obstruction

Traditional Sinus Surgery

The goal of sinus surgery is to increase the airflow of the inflamed or blocked airways by enlarging the sinuses. This will allow airways to drain more effectively.

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Sinus Surgery Options at Madison ENT

If sinus pain or sinusitis can’t be treated with medication, Madison ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery may suggest sinus surgery. Surgery might be an appropriate response if:

  • Acute sinusitis hasn’t responded to other treatments, like antibiotics.
  • You have a chronic sinus infection, an infection that lasts eight weeks or longer.
  • You suffer from recurring sinus infections.
  • You suffer from a nasal obstruction that can’t be dislodged conventionally
  • Nasal polyps or sinus allergies have caused swelling of the sinuses.

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatments

Sleep apnea affects the way a person breathes while sleeping and is potentially life-threatening.

Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are benign tumors that grow in the nasal passage and can affect normal function.

Nasal Polyps Treatment


If your nose is always runny, you may be one of the millions of people living with chronic rhinitis. Until now, treatment often meant managing symptoms with medications and sprays. Now, Madison ENT can offer you the RhinAer® procedure to disrupt these signals and provide lasting relief without surgery or incisions).

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Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is a safe and effective procedure that allows the surgeon to open inflamed sinuses in a less invasive manner than traditional sinus surgery.

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PROPEL Sinus Stent

Clinically proven to improve the results of sinus surgery, the PROPEL Sinus Stent keeps the sinuses open after surgery and delivers anti-inflammatory medicine directly to the sinuses.

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Chronic Rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is the frequent inflammation of the nose with symptoms such as a runny nose, nasal congestion, and post-nasal drip (mucus in the throat). The ClariFix® Cryotherapy device goes straight to the source of the symptoms – the out-of-balance nerves.

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Chronic Nosebleeds

Most common nosebleeds can be managed at home, so let’s look at why we get them, how to treat them, and when to consult a doctor.

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Trust a Sinus Surgery Expert

Dr. Stacey Silvers is a national leader on the topic of sinus surgery and has even been published on the subject.

Practical Techniques in Office-Based Balloon Sinus Dilation