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I had complications from a root canal that resulted in an inflammatory response in my sinus. I had terrible vertigo for several weeks and infection. Dr. Silvers diagnosed the problem and I underwent sinus surgery. She cleaned out the sinus and my recovery has been amazing. I have no scarring and I'm back to 100%. Dr. Silvers skills as a surgeon are evident, she is professional, caring and followed up. Her staff also helped me during the surgical procedure by escorting me after since I had no one to pick me up. Above and beyond the call of duty! I cannot recommend Dr. Silvers enough, a great pleasure and outcome!
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I have suffered with my allergies and sinus for years. Going to different doctor's and taking medications not having any positive changes with my allergies and sinus. I am happy to say after having sinus surgery with Dr. Silvers, I feel great again. No sinus problem or allergies. Dr. Silvers is one of the best! I'm thankful and grateful that I found Dr. Silvers. The staff are professional, friendly and courteous. I highly recommend Dr. Silvers.

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Madison ENT (and the entire team who runs it) is a fun 20 min highlight of my week! The amazing team running reception, appointment bookings & more are kind, communicative and fun to catch up with at my weekly allergy shot appointment. Having suffered from severe allergies for 30 years and booking & cancelling 4 different sinus surgeries, I finally found Dr. Silvers and Dr. Seidell who have helped me breathe better than I have EVER by getting my nose healthy & my allergies under control over the past 6 months. Very grateful for this crew ๐Ÿ™‚

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Best experience!!! Dr. Silvers was able to help me /cure me of my chronic sinus issues. Other Doctors were unable to properly diagnose. The staff was efficient and wonderful. A truly exceptional Doctor and office. I highly recommend.

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Having suffered from breathing problems most of my adult life and constant sinus infection, I decided to have balloon sinuplasty and have my deviated septum fixed with Dr Silvers. This was the best decision I?ve ever made, surgery was done on a Friday and I was back to work on Monday. I?ve never breathed better and the sinus infections are almost non existent. Dr Silvers is very knowledgeable, has great bed side manners & takes her time to explain everything in details. Her office staff is friendly & very professional, I would recommend to all my family & friends.

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Underwent a Balloon Sinuplasty performed by Dr. Silvers.
This office based, uncomplicated, non-painful procedure is life changing!
After a complete nose numbing, Dr. Silver talks you through every step of what she is finding and doing. You will know what you'll feel and hear as she operates. No pain, no bleeding, no down time! As a registered nurse with over forty years of surgical service and supervisory experience, I've worked closely with good surgeons and great surgeons-Dr. Silvers is a "great surgeon". Dr. Silvers has efficient and caring medical assistants and clerical staff.
This latest technique "Balloon Sinuplasty", should be better known to the patients now receiving traditional care: No more constant antibiotics, nasal irrigations, hospital based surgery, general anesthesia, pain, and bleeding. Thank you Dr. Silvers and staff!

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Dr Silvers came highly recommend by a colleague of mine when I was looking for an otolaryngologist. I broke my nose when I was 13 years old and never got it fixed. I suffered from chronic sinus, had difficulty breathing and overall was always bothered by it. The surgery went really well, now I'm breathing much better and I feel more energetic, such a great and big change. I would highly recommend undergoing this procedure and of course Dr Silvers and her staff, all incredible people who took care of me during the entire process and always thoughtful and patient, answering all the questions I had before and after the operation.

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My PCP first referred me to Dr. Silvers in June 2017 and she diagnosed and treated me for esophageal reflux and sleep apnea. Felt much better very quickly and, thanks to the CPAP breathing machine, my fatigue was significantly reduced and my energy level was great. Marvelous result.

In Spring of this year, I had an extreme case of sinusitis that wouldn?t clear up. Tests for common allergies were negative so Dr. Silvers ordered a CT scan of my sinuses. Severely deviated septum (with a bone spur) and two of my sinus cavities were almost completely blocked. Dr. Silvers suggested surgery to correct the problems and explained that my breathing would be vastly improved and that I could have the surgery on a Friday and be back at work on Monday. Anyone I knew who had surgery to correct a deviated septum ended up with two black eyes and a big splint across the nose. Dr. Silvers thoroughly explained the mechanics of how she performs the surgery and assured me that there would be no visible sign of the procedure. I had the surgery, which was an unbelievably easy experience. Had some bleeding that day but no pain. Externally, there was no way to tell I had just had nasal surgery ? even though Dr. Silvers had to insert a splint. I went out of town the next day and had no pain, merely the feeling of some pressure and I sounded a little congested. Few days later, the splint was removed. The difference in my breathing was astounding. Since the deviated septum was congenital and the clogged sinuses happened over time, I had no idea how obstructed my breathing had been. Now that I can breathe freely and deeply, my perpetual sniffles are gone and I no longer suffer from what I thought were constant allergies - thanks to Dr. Silvers.

Dr. Silvers is a first-class surgeon and physician and I recommend her without reservation. She listens, she is approachable, thorough and, most important, her surgical skills are superb. Everyone in the office is friendly, professional and responsive.

Kathleen C.

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i had balloon dilation today and i really have to say that it was a beautiful perfect day. every thing went so well. from the start to this very moment here at home. i am basking in the breath of life, something that i haven't been able to do for many years. i was worried about the pain, so i came prepared with extra strength tylenol as prescribed by Christine. Dr. Silvers saw that i was worried about experiencing pain so she suggested i take 2 prior to getting started, plus the anesthesia help to complete any pain during and there after. the level of pain i experienced i rated 1, (0 to 10 being the greatest). she did not have to open scar tissue and was able to go around the inferior turbinates to get access to the sinus doorways.. i was also appreciative that she would explain every step of the way, keeping an open channel of communication with me, it was very comforting.
i have been feeling dizzy prior to the procedure, and i don't know why, i will have to look into that. i am hoping it will go away now that i am getting a great deal of oxygen in all my sinuses. i suffered a long time needlessly and Dr. Silvers was the only one who answered the call and stood up for me when so many other doctors literally left me doomed. i don't know what it takes for a small miracle to happen in this world, but when it does you can only bask in its glory and know that GOD has made a perfect and beautiful day. i am bleeding a lot, but its expected, its also subsiding now at 4:30 pm. i will follow the directions that were given to me, knowing that on this day GOD has spared me. thank you Dr. Stacy Silvers and to the lovely ladies who assisted you. Christine being one and the other lady whose name i did not get. thank you again. i am thinking of taking that long walk on the beach with the beautiful summer ocean breeze to breathe in. hallelujah its a wonderful day.

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"As a child I suffered from chronic sinus problems that resulted in not being able to participate in activities like other kids my age. I struggled in any physical activity because of my ability to effectively intake a sufficient supply of oxygen. As an adult, this problem was only compounded. I discovered that in addition to being limited on physical activity, I also had sleep apnea. Struggling to breath has been one of my biggest fights in life for as long as I can remember. I never fully understood how some people could get out and run for miles at a time without gasping for air, becoming exhausted in a few strides, and suffering from an abnormally high heart rate during exercise. I also had to deal with the nuisance of nasal sprays and sinus washes after airplane trips or seasonal allergies to ensure that my sinus congestion was properly flushed out, otherwise suffer the consequences of a painful and debilitating sinus infection. Needless to say it was no way that anyone should suffer through their life.

After my Balloon Sinuplasty my life changed instantly. The night of the procedure, I immediately noticed a difference. A simple breath no longer felt constricted. I felt as if I was breathing using my entire nose, not just one side of it. Two days after the surgery I got on the treadmill and ran without struggle for 10 minutes at a pace of 6 MPH, something that in the history of my life I have never been able to do. The Balloon Sinuplasty not only corrected a serious problem of allowing my sinus to drain properly eliminating inflamed sinus tissue and chronic Sinusitis, but also opened my nasal passages so that I could breath better at all times. This finally allowed me to participate in the activities of life that I was once unable to enjoy. With absolutely no downtime and only and hour spent in the doctors office I would recommend this procedure to anyone who suffers from sinus or breath problems related to obstructed nasal passages. It has made one of the most positive changes in my overall health that I have had as an adult. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn?t find out more about this procedure. You will only be glad that you did."

C. Cistone

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