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"As a child I suffered from chronic sinus problems that resulted in not being able to participate in activities like other kids my age. I struggled in any physical activity because of my ability to effectively intake a sufficient supply of oxygen. As an adult, this problem was only compounded. I discovered that in addition to being limited on physical activity, I also had sleep apnea. Struggling to breath has been one of my biggest fights in life for as long as I can remember. I never fully understood how some people could get out and run for miles at a time without gasping for air, becoming exhausted in a few strides, and suffering from an abnormally high heart rate during exercise. I also had to deal with the nuisance of nasal sprays and sinus washes after airplane trips or seasonal allergies to ensure that my sinus congestion was properly flushed out, otherwise suffer the consequences of a painful and debilitating sinus infection. Needless to say it was no way that anyone should suffer through their life.

After my Balloon Sinuplasty my life changed instantly. The night of the procedure, I immediately noticed a difference. A simple breath no longer felt constricted. I felt as if I was breathing using my entire nose, not just one side of it. Two days after the surgery I got on the treadmill and ran without struggle for 10 minutes at a pace of 6 MPH, something that in the history of my life I have never been able to do. The Balloon Sinuplasty not only corrected a serious problem of allowing my sinus to drain properly eliminating inflamed sinus tissue and chronic Sinusitis, but also opened my nasal passages so that I could breath better at all times. This finally allowed me to participate in the activities of life that I was once unable to enjoy. With absolutely no downtime and only and hour spent in the doctors office I would recommend this procedure to anyone who suffers from sinus or breath problems related to obstructed nasal passages. It has made one of the most positive changes in my overall health that I have had as an adult. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn?t find out more about this procedure. You will only be glad that you did."

C. Cistone

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"I used to suffer from Chronic Sinusitis and have an infection every 2-3 months. I was tired of taking nasal sprays, doing washes, taking steroids and taking antibiotics. I had Balloon Sinuplasty in February of 2010. Since then I have only had 1 sinus infection. I no longer use a daily nasal spray and am no longer taking antibiotics every 3 months. Whats more, I dont have to pay for prescriptions as often saving money. I couldn't have done it without the procedure and haven't felt this great in a long time. Thanks to the staff and Dr. Silvers' especially."


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"Thank you Dr. Silvers! I feel great and haven't no longer wake up feeling so congested. My sleep is better and I have so much more energy. I have more energy now in my 50's than I did when I was in my late 30s and 40s. I am more active and can enjoy my days better."

Jeannie M.

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" My sinus problems started to increase in 2009. I was having 2-3 sinus infections a year. I started having constant post nasal drip, headaches, sinus pressure and congestion. I had Balloon Sinuplasty in July of 2010. I had the procedure under local anesthesia, with very minimal bleeding; my recovery was fast and painless. I walked out of Dr. Silvers? office half an hour later after my surgery. Best of all, I did not have to take off from work. It was convenient because I was able to work during the day and have my surgery in the evening. Since there was no bone or tissue remove, I had no visible scars. The results have been truly awesome. My life has changed dramatically. The entire process was very short and I would recommend it to anyone. "

Maria Z.

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"I?ve had chronic sinus infections since college ? about 17 years. My sinus infections would come every month or two (at the latest). They were the same every time. When each sinus infection started, sinus pain would lead to nasal congestion, which then led to an upper respiratory infection. From beginning to end these episodes would last about a week and were brutal. Last summer, with my wife pregnant with our first baby, I decided that I?d had enough and I needed to try to have a healthier life. Dr. Silvers performed a balloon sinoplasty on me last July. For the first two or so months afterwards I think I had swelling because I was still experiencing sinus pain and pressure (but no infections). But once the swelling cleared, I?ve noticed a huge improvement. First of all, I haven?t had a sinus infection since. It?s now been 8 months without a sinus infection, which is by far the longest stretch ever for me since I can remember. This has also led to better sleep, which has given me a lot more energy in general. For me, this surgery was one of the best decisions I?ve ever made. I wish I?d looked into it and had it done sooner."

John M.

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"I knew the moment I woke up after the Balloon Sinuplasty that I was breathing normally. This may have been the first time since I was a child that I felt this way. There was some discomfort from this procedure that didn't last long at all. In the past, I had two conventional sinus surgeries and they were very painful with long recovery periods--and their results were far from permanent. Headaches, pressure, infection were a way of life for me but not anymore. I wish I knew about Balloon Sinuplasty and had done it years ago."

Helene H. McCarty

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"My "sinus story" resembles that of most who have suffered, including years of fighting off infections, antibiotics,headaches,face pressure, and lack of sleep. Spending a lot of my time on airplanes, these symptoms became unbearable and with the changes in air pressure, I began to lose hearing in my left ear. I had the traditional sinus surgery and for 1 year the only time I felt the dreadful sinus feeling was in an airplane. Until the sinus infections came back so severely, I broke down in tears at work. A friend told me about Dr. Stacey Silvers and in my first appointment, Dr. Stacey Silvers said to me, "you should NOT have to see an ENT for the rest of your life." Hope was restored. I had the Balloon Sinuplsty and after the initial congestion, Dr. Silvers expected I would have, I was breathing better than I can remember. Symptom free and to be able to be back at work the next morning, vs the 2 weeks I was out with the traditional sinus surgery, the Balloon Sinuplasty had already impressed me. The moment I knew, "I would not have to see an ENT for the rest of my life," was when I was no longer packing my arsenal of pills, earplugs, and nasal sprays to fly. Thank you Dr. Silvers!"
Shivani R.