Facial Plastic Surgery & Wrinkle Reduction in Manhattan, NYC

Cosmetic plastic surgery of the face can “turn back time” by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines, sun damage, and sagging skin that can make you look angry, sad, or tired. Listed below are some of the procedures we offer to help you look as young and energetic as you feel.

Cosmetic Fillers (BOTOX, Radiesse, Sculptra, and Restylane)

Soft tissue fillers are injected under the skin to “plump up,” contour and smooth wrinkles, lines, and hollow areas in the face, and augment the lips or cheeks for a younger, fuller appearance.


BOTOX Cosmetic is commonly used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles. It is injected under the skin into areas surrounding the eyes, forehead, and mouth to smooth crow’s feet, frown and worry lines, and lines on the neck. Made from a purified protein, BOTOX® injections block nerve impulses, weakening muscles to relax wrinkles and give the face a rejuvenated look. BOTOX® may also be useful for migraine headaches, excessive sweating, and eye and neck muscle spasms.

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Formerly known as Radience, Radiesse is a synthetic injectable filler that reduces wrinkles, creases, and scars by augmenting the body’s natural collagen supply. Composed of microspheres in a biocompatible gel, Radiesse is made from the same minerals found in our bones, so it carries little risk of an allergic reaction (unlike collagen) – just one of its advantages over alternative treatments. Radiesse can be used in many areas of the body; the most commonly treated are the lips, nasolabial folds, peri-oral lines, depressed scars, and oral commissures. Treatments typically take 15 minutes and require only local anesthetic. Side effects such as swelling or bruising are minimal and should fade within a few days. Results are visible immediately after the injection and can last for months or years, although the procedure can be repeated as often as you wish.

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Silicone Oil

silicone-oil.Silicone oil is a foreign body used in micro-droplets. These droplets produce minimal foreign body reactions, which create a build-up of new collagen which replaces lost tissue. The Silicone Oil induced collagen is your own skin’s collagen and persists for decades. Silicone Oil injection therapy is completely compatible with other procedures. It may be administered before or after a facelift, dermabrasion, or chemosurgery.

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Sculptra is a new injectable product used to counteract the loss of fat beneath the skin (a condition called lipoatrophy). Sculptra is injected into the deep dermis layer of the skin to improve the appearance of sunken cheeks, hollow eyes, indentations, and wrinkles. Its main component is an alpha hydroxy acid that has been used for 20 years in surgical products such as dissolvable sutures. There is no need for allergy testing. Clinical trials have shown that the benefits of Sculptra treatments can last up to two years.

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Restylane is designed to smooth wrinkles, sculpt lips, and shape facial contours. It is a clear, synthetic gel made with hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that is found throughout your body. It carries little risk of an allergic reaction. The most common areas for treatment are the glabellar lines (between the eyebrows) and the nasolabial folds (from the root of the nose to the angle of your mouth). With its unique ability to bind with water, Restylane remains in your skin for many months.

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