Unusual Symptoms of Summer Allergies

Summer is a time for outdoor activities and relaxing vacations, but for many it is also a time for summer allergies to take their toll with severe symptoms. Comparable to horrendous allergies of the spring and fall seasons, these summer allergies can affect anyone, not just those with common allergy conditions.

Woman experiencing allergies in the summer at the poolSummer Allergy Symptoms in Manhattan

Typically, we assume all allergy symptoms to be a runny nose and itchy eyes, but these are not the only signs of an allergen. More unique and unusual symptoms can occur with summer allergies such as:

Black eyes

If you begin to notice dark circles forming underneath your eyes that resemble the look of a black eye, you may be experiencing allergic shiner. This condition causes swelling and discoloration of the area around the eyes due to congestion of the small blood vessels within the delicate eye tissue.

Nasal Crease

A small line may appear across the bridge of your nose as a result of pushing the nose upward in an attempt to find relief from nasal congestion or itching.

Allergic Face

Also known as adenoidal face, allergic face is a common symptom of severe allergies that causes the adenoids to swell and make the patient’s face appear tired or droopy.

Mouth Breathing

If the nose is too congested, many individuals will be forced to breathe out of their mouth instead. This chronic condition is also called allergic rhinitis. In especially drastic cases, allergic rhinitis can spur the development of a highly arched palate, elevated upper lip, and overbite.

Common Causes of Summer Allergies

There are a number of potential causes to your summer allergies, including:

  • Mold
  • Insect stings
  • Pollen
  • Consumption of fresh produce such as apples, melons, and celery

When to See a Manhattan Allergist

Several of the symptoms associated with summer allergies can be mistaken for other conditions like a common cold. However, if your symptoms persist for weeks on end then it may be time to admit that your condition is more than a simple cold.

If you believe that you suffer from summer allergies and would like to explore possible treatment options, please contact the allergy specialists of Madison ENT in Manhattan today to schedule an appointment.

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