Pros and Cons About Ear Tubes for Children

All children get ear infections, but what happens when they become recurring? Myringotomy tubes, or ear tubes, are often brought up as a possible option to reduce the amount of ear infections children get. Here are some pros and cons about ear tubes for children:


  • Ear tubes will drastically decrease the amount of ear infections children get. They can, in some cases, completely eliminate them.
  • After getting ear tubes, future ear infections can be treated with drops instead of antibiotics. This lowers the chance for your child to develop an immunity to antibiotics.
  • Ear Tubes can improve hearing for children.
  • Tubes drain the fluid that sits in the ears, resulting in less pressure.
  • Children do not feel the ear tubes once they are inserted.


  • It’s hard to see your child go through surgery.
  • Some doctors jump the gun with ear tubes. They should only be used if a child has at least four ear infections within a six month period.
  • If your insurance doesn’t cover the ear tube procedure, it can be a pricey ear infection solution.
  • A majority of children need to have the tubes replaced at least once.
  • Tubes can cause pus from the ear and a thickening of the eardrum over time.


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