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Why Have I Lost My Sense of Smell?

The sense of smell isn’t something we typically take for granted, but it can affect everyday life when it’s gone. If you can’t smell, it may be more difficult to taste food, and may even lead to dangerous situations if you can’t detect smoke or a gas leak. 

While it is possible for someone to permanently lose their ability to smell, it is much more common for it to only happen for a period of a few days to a couple of weeks. Anosmia (the complete loss of smell) and hyposmia (partial loss of smell), affect thousands of Americans each year. 

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When Should You Have Your Hearing Tested?

Most adults know that they need to visit their optometrist to get regular vision tests and the dentist to get cleanings twice a year, but when is the last time you went for a checkup on your hearing? Since your ability to hear can change over time, it can be difficult to notice changes until it’s too late.

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What is Causing Your Headache?

It is estimated that approximately 45 million Americans complain of headaches each year, which comes to nearly 17% of the population. While some can be minor and go away quickly, others can become serious, and require daily treatment of some sort. The big question is, how do you know what type of headache you have in order to find the correct relief?

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Common Winter Allergens to Watch Out For

The cold weather has slowed down pollen production and that means a relief for allergy sufferers, right? Not necessarily. The chilly months may force you to stay indoors where several allergens and irritants could be present.

Since allergy symptoms can often match those of the common cold, it is important to recognize the possible causes of allergic reactions.

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What Your Earwax Says About Your Ear Health

The main job of ear wax is to help prevent bacteria, germs, dirt and other irritants from entering your inner-ear. This can help prevent infections and possible blockages from forming. But, did you know that your earwax could give you indications of issues regarding your ear’s health?

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Can Loud Noises Cause Hearing Loss?

When people think of hearing loss, they often believe it only affects seniors. But did you know that approximately 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 suffer from some form of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

Depending on a combination of factors including the intensity, frequency and duration of a noise, sound has the capability to damage our hearing. 

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My Child Has Chronic Ear Infections

Children often suffer from ear infections. As a parent, you’ll see it happen – probably more than once. However, there reaches a certain point where it’s a chronic issue and you might have to call up a otolaryngologist (ear / nose / throat doctor). When your child has a chronic ear infection, there may be a bigger problem at hand.

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Swimmers Ear

How to tell if you have Swimmers Ear

If you swim in non-regulatory swimming water (non-chlorinated or non-salted), you could get a diagnosis of swimmers’s ear. It’s nothing to be afraid of — however, it’s important to take care of it immediately if you encounter it, or else you could face internal damage to your ear.

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Common Sinus Problems in Manhattan

If you have sinus problems, you know the constant struggles of running out of tissues, the pain in your face, and the puffy eyes. Some people that deal with sinus problems don’t even know the cause of their sinus symptoms! Take a few moments to check yourself for any of these common culprits for sinus problems:

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